Recorded Friday January 8th, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day, fans! That Horror Show Podcast has a special episode lined up for all you romantics there, especially for the ladies. Oh, la la! Your lovable hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig are ready to serenade you with their review of “The Love Witch” (2016), a film that combines both “love” and “witch” together into a wild cocktail of romance and deadly horror! And, would you believe it, out of all the not-so-hot Valentine’s themed horror your hosts have tackled over the years, “The Love Witch” has managed to win their hearts. Doubt us? Listen in for the review. But wait: that is not all! Also included in this special episode is none other than the triumphant return of the ‘What Have We Watched’ segment. Yes, it’s been dormant since last year, but we decided to bring it back for this outing: listen in as Chris Koenig projectile vomits all over “Jojo Rabbit” (2019), while Timothy Kazda gives Kurt Russell a little love by talking about “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two” (2020).  Finally another holiday added bonus the long awaited return of the 'Kidz Corner' segment with Nate, where he discusses "Ghostbusters II" (1989). Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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