Recorded Saturday March 27th and Sunday March 28th, 2021

Hola, amigos! That Horror Show Podcast brings you a special episode on 80s Mexican horror for this Cinco de Mayo! Those dos hombres Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig decided to head to the South-of-the-Border, hole up in some scary bar in Tijuana for some drinks and laughs, and then find a local movie theatre showing a double-feature of classic Mexican horror! Tune in as the hosts check out “Cemetery of Terror” (1985; “Cementerio del Terror”) and “Grave Robbers” (1989; “Ladrones de Tumbas”), both directed by Ruben Galindo Jr. So what are you all waiting for??? Grab a sombrero, get a full plate of enchiladas’ or tacos, a bottle of tequila of your choice, sit back and enjoy the show! 

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