Recorded Saturday May 30th, 2020

What up, fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with a new and exciting episode that is a change of pace from the usual. Your knowledgeable hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig recently dusted off their passports and caught a flight to check out some classic South Korean cinema. And, as luck would have it, they came across two films from the prolific Kim Ki-young: “The Housemaid” (1960) a crazed melodramatic-thriller that is highly regarded by critics as being “the best South Korean film ever made” (even none other than Martin Scorsese is a champion of the film), and “Woman Chasing the Butterfly of Death” (1978) which is a disjointed horror-thriller-melodrama-art film that is so bizarre, so weird and so captivatingly mad that only cult label Mondo Macabro could handle its Blu-Ray debut! So sit back and give this episode a listen!

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Recorded Tuesday May 5th, 2020

Greetings and salutations, fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with a very special episode to bring merriment and mirth to your ears. Your hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have managed to recover from their previous episode, and for this brand new recording have decided to bring you two films that will make you chuckle with delight (and that's a good thing). Listen in as the good ol' boys talk about "Zombieland" (2009) and it's recent follow-up "Zombieland: Double Tap" (2019). These two movies bring the humor and silliness to the table, and your loveable hosts are here to bring you the full report. So time to nut up or shut up, click that 'Play' icon and get ready to kick some dick! In other words: give this episode a listen!


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Recorded Saturday March 18th, 2020.

Greetings, horror fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with yet another episode to leave you informed and entertained, as well as tickle your funnybone (hopefully!). Your lovable hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have decided to take the plunge a third time with the “Saw” franchise, and boy howdy it is a doozy. Listen in as the hosts talk about “Saw: The Final Chapter” (2010, aka “Saw 3D”) and complain about its attempt (or lack thereof) to connect every single loose end from the previous entries and fail miserably, and then be taken by surprise over the very little loved “Jigsaw” (2017) and admire its ability to stick with the tried-and-true formula but also managing to finally do SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Also joining in the festivities is our own “Saw”-expert Chris Barreras to help piece together the whole continuity of the series, as well as offer his own pros and cons over the two films on review (Full disclosure: Chris Barreras thinks “Saw: The Final Chapter” blows and retracts his previous claim of “Saw 6” being the worst in the series!). So just sit back and enjoy!

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Recorded Monday March 23rd, 2020


Welcome to season two of Supernatural and MOL! Katie and Tim are back to do a little clowning around and  break down the first two episodes: In My Time of Dying" and "Everybody Loves a Clown". So join the fun!


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Recorded Wednesday February 26th, 2020

Greetings, fans! That Horror Show Podcast finally (and we do mean FINALLY!) brings you the episode that everybody has been waiting for. Your hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig present their take on "It: Chapter 2" (2019). But wait, there's more! Once again, joining in on the silly festivities is none other than Marc L. Rissmann of "Sequel This" to help provide his personal knowledge of the Stephen King novel so we can compare-and-contrast. So what are you waiting for? Click 'play' and give it a listen. And don't forget: We all float down here...


Plus the return of "Kidz Corner" This month,Nate talks about "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" with a special guest making her podcast debut his little sister Gabi.


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Recorded Tuesday February 4th, 2020


Welcome back THSP fans and listeners!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you an exciting episode filled with love, chocolates and condoms (lubricated or un-lubricated, it's your choice). Also, for the sake of doing a special public service announcement, please get those herpes vaccinations as soon as possible, folks: we cannot stress enough how important those vaccinations are in this promiscuous day and age. And speaking of the herpes, your VD-loving (uh, we mean Valentine's Day, not venereal disease!) hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig tackle a horror movie that no vaccine can cure. And yes, the movie is also VD-related (again, Valentine's Day!). So sit back and have a listen as the boys talk about none other than "X-Ray" (1981, aka "Hospital Massacre"). Is this movie worthy of being part of the Valentine's Day-themed horror genre, or did the hosts get a severe case of the clap just by watching the first five-minutes? Tune in and find out, fans and listeners!!

#Xray #HospitalMassacre  #Love #ValentinesDay #BarbiBenton #Hearts  #THSP #SEPN 


Recorded  Sunday January 12th, 2020

FINALLY TONIGHT MOL IS BACK!!!! Tonight Katie and Tim review and break down the final two episodes of season one, episode 21: "Salvation" and episode 22: "The Devil's Trap" So join the adventure and relive the magic of the final two episodes of season one! 

#Salvation #TheDevilsTrap #FamilyBusiness #SamAndDean #YellowEyes #Supernatural #MenOfLetters #MOL #SEPN 


Recorded Monday December 18th, 2019

Merry Christmas, fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with another holiday-themed horror episode. Your hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have set-up the THSP Christmas tree, wrapped their gifts and made sure that egg-nog has just that extra hint of brandy added. Listen in as the hosts sit back by the cozy fire and give their thoughts on the strange British horror flick "The Children" (2008). It's a perfect film for the holidays featuring cute kids knocking off their parents in gruesome ways: in other words, a Christmas classic! Or is it? Tune in to find out! As an added bonus or stocking stuffer boys and girls, Chris and Timothy chat about the upcoming Ghostbusters film, "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" (2020).


#TheChildren #ChristmasHorror #Ghostbusters2020 #GhostbustersAfterlife  #THSP #SEPN


Recorded Wednesday November, 20th, 2019

Greetings and salutations, fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you yet another new episode that will tickle your eardrums with delight. Your adorable hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have decided to wallow into Stephen King waters with none other than "IT" (2017). Yes, it's a family friendly tale about a cute clown that just loves children...TO DEATH! Anyways, tune in to hear your hosts talk about this new cinematic adaptation of King's novel and if it holds up well against the original 1990s mini-series that we old-timers grew up with. But wait, there is MORE: we also have special guest star Marc L. Rissmann of "Sequel This" joining in on the discussion to help us out with all things Stephen King related! Oh, and just in case you are wondering if there is a part two of this episode: yes, there is! But you gotta' sit thru part one first because that's the rules!


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You can find Marc's Podcast at the link below 




Recorded Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 

Happy Thanksgiving, horror fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with our annual Thanksgiving-themed horror episode. Listen in as hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig set the table with plenty of cranberry sauce, outdated boxed wine, uh, chicken. What, no turkey this year?! Hey trying to find a Thanksgiving-themed horror movie is a chore, so we had to go to chicken instead with none other than "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead" (2007) for this installment. Turkey or chicken aside, does this movie live up to our expectations? Just click 'play' to find out! And, once again joining in on the festivities is none other than our oh-so special guest star Dave "Rolly Polly" Rodriguez who gets to do the synopsis because its "tradition" (and also, Tim and Chris just didn't want to tackle the synopsis this go-around). But wait, there's MORE! Yes, we have another special guest joining us, but in order to find out who it is you gotta listen. (Sidenote: Please excuse the gross picture, but Dave is a big fan of all things "explosive diarrhea" related so he figured on sharing a still from the movie) 


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