Recorded Monday December 11th, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you a Christmas-themed episode filled with enough joy, merriment and myrth to fill your holiday stockings. Your loveable hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig delve into two holiday-horror films "All Through the House" (2016) and "Better Watch Out: (2016). Do these two films deliver the holiday-themed horror goods? Well, grab some egg-nog, turn your Christmas tree lights on, have a seat by the cozy fireplace and open this spcial present of yuletide-terror.

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Recorded Sunday November 19th, 2017

Hola, fans! That Horror Show Podcast! Proudly presents to you a very special edition after-Thanksgiving dinner episode. So what's this little bonus episode all about? Well, show hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig had a fantastic idea of having none other than Dave Rodriguez of "Sequel This" pitch his own idea for a Thanksgiving-themed horror movie! So listen in as Dave gives his pitch via pre-recording, and afterwards Tim and Chris proceed to examine and give their opinions on the pitch.

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Recorded Thursday Novemeber 9th, 2017


Hey there, fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you another special Thanksgiving-themed episode for this month. Your fantastic hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig got together to endure yet another God-awful turkey of a horror movie and, oh boy, is it truly terrible. Also joining the dynamic duo once again for the festivities on this special month is none other than that lovable rascal Dave Rodriguez from "Sequel This!" and "Fighting Words"(And yes, that toilet is an actual picture of Dave himself). The table has been set, the turkey is ready to be carved, and the other "turkey" on the docket is "Home Sweet Home" (1981). Does this movie successfully combine the slasher genre with the Thanksgiving holiday setting... or is this movie just a burnt piece of hot garbage that wouldn't make for a decent leftover dinner? Tune in to find out.

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Recorded Sunday October 22nd, 2017

Greetings, fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you a brand new episode for this October season. And, what better way to start out a new episode for this season than watching two slasher movies involving college students in peril? So grab your textbooks to prep for your big test as we delve into "Final Exam" (1981), and then afterwards take a special Fall Break with "The Mutilator" (1984).

And, not only that, but we also welcome the triumphant return of the "What Have We Watched" segment. Yes, fans, you have waited patiently (we hope?) and it took so long to bring it back, but we managed to fit the segment in. Listen to Chris talk about the so-so sexploitation epic "Thar She Blows" (1968), and Tim checks out the recent release of "Blade Runner 2049" (2017) and keeps the spoilers down to a minimum. 


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Recorded Monday September 18th, 2017






Recorded Sunday June 4th, 2017

Hello and welcome, horror fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with the third and final episode dedicated to cult filmmaker and marketing genius Herschell Gordon Lewis. Yes, fans, we’ve made it to Part 3 of our retrospective and how we managed to do it…well, we’ll never know.

So sit back, relax and get comfy as your lovable hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig talk a little bit about Mr. Lewis' wild and varied cinematic career, as well as review his then-final gore epics "The Wizard of Gore" (1970) and "The Gore-Gore Girls" (1972). Its an episode you'll never forget...literally! 

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Recorded Tuesday May 30th, 2017

Welcome back, fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you the second part of our Herschell Gordon Lewis retrospective and, boy, is it a doozy. Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have their car parked at the local drive-in and are ready to take in a triple-feature featuring such terrifying content like ESP, ugly witches, psychopathic killers, and a vengeful blood-drinking vampire! In other words: just another trip down the weird drive-in world of Herschell Gordon Lewis.

So listen in to Part 2, as the host’s talk about Mr. Lewis' varied cinematic career of, as well as review his three horror productions: “Something Weird” (1967), “The Gruesome Twosome” (1967) and “A Taste of Blood” (1967). Enjoy!  


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Recorded Tuesday May 16th, 2017


Hey there, horror fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you an episode of epic proportions. How epic, you say? Well, It's so epic that it spans not one, not two, but three episodes all dedicated to the wild cienmatic career of Herschell Gordon Lewis, the marketing advertising guru who introduced the special four-letter word 'gore' to the drive-in silver screen way-back when such a concept was unheard of!

For Part 1 of this episode, strap in and listen as your faithful hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig talk about three films in Lewis' filmography that are now known as the 'The Blood Trilogy': "Blood Feast" (1963), "Two Thousand Maniacs!" (1964) and "Color Me Blood Red" (1964). and don't worry for we have more Herschell Gordon Lewis madness on the way; after all this epsiode isn't labeled Part 1 for nothing.

#bloodfeast #twothousandmaniacs #colormebloodred  #godfatherofgore #gore #herschellgordonlewis #thathorrorshowpodcast #thsp




Recorded May Tuesday May 2nd, 2017

Greetings, horror fans! That Horror Show Podcast brings you another exciting episode filled with gruesomeness and guffaws galore. Your faithful hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have renewed their passports in order to take yet another trip around the world in their search for obscure foreign horror films. This time the dynamic duo jet-off to the exotic locales of Brazil to check out Jose Mojica Marin’s wild and wooly horrors featuring his wonderfully evil character Coffin Joe, or otherwise known in the countries native Portuguese as ‘Ze do Caixao’.

So listen in as the hosts talk about “At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul” (1964), and the two sequels “This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse” (1967) and “Embodiment of Evil” (2008). What do the two hosts think of these wild little movies? Well, you gotta' listen in to find out.


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Recorded Wednesday March 8th, 2017
Greetings and salutations, fans! That Horror Show Podcast is back with yet another exciting episode of horror movie goodness. Your lovely hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig have managed to clean off the 1970s trashy grindhouse-grime from their last episode and head forward to the year of 2016.
For this oh-so very special episode, hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig tackle three horror films from 2016 to review. Listen in as the hosts talk about “Hush, “The Shallows” and “Lights Out” (all three from 2016). Did these films meet our expectations or did they disappoint? Well, fans, you gotta’ listen in to find out…
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