Recorded Sunday Novermber 20th, 2016 

Gobble, gobble, horror fans! Yes, That Horror Show Podcast has once again unleashed a bonus episode for this November. Last year, hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig endured the God-awful “horror-comedy” wannabie “ThanksKilling” (2009), so they decided it was time to review yet another horrible turkey of a horror movie that had them wishing they could get their hour-and-a-half of their time back. And what better way than to express rage, anger, frustration, and laughs over the movie than by talking about it for all to hear. But, instead of telling you ahead of time what the movie is on the synopsis, we decided not mention the title at all: consider this a “mystery title” (though, if you listened to our first Thanksgiving bonus episode you might know what the mystery is) and if you are really interested in knowing what the movie is then tune in to find out. And joining us at the Thanksgiving table as ‘special guest star’ is none other than Dave Rodriguez of the show ‘Sequel This!’ to help provide enough merriment and mirth to help us get thru this episode! So listen in and get ready to laugh...well, hopefully!