Recorded Wednesday August 3rd, 2016


Hiya dear listeners, welcome to our August episode - Episode17: That Canadian Horror Slasher Episode! To round out the summer season your loveable and loyal hosts, Tim Kazda and Chris Koenig, grab their passports and head to the Great White North to bring you this episode.  The guys, review “Prom Night” (1980) and“Curtains” (1983). But before all that wonderfulness, Tim and Chris flip on the old boob tube and head into their “What We Watched” segment were Chris gives his take on the Jennifer Lopez vehicle, a sexy thriller called “The Boy Next Door”(2014), and then Tim hits the beach and tries to catch a wave with his review of the action film “Point Break” (1991).


So grab your boogie shoes and join us as Jamie Lee Curtis dances her way into our hearts with some killer disco music and moves.