Recorded Wednesday June 29th, 2016

Hey there, fans! Your hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig bring to you yet another excellence in podcasting with this brand new episode. However, we take a break from talking about traditional mainstream horror and go in a different direction, as we delve into the more obscure films of the genre from that “golden era” of the 1970s.


On February 2016, Arrow Video released three odd obscurities in a Blu-Ray/DVD box set titled ‘American Horror Project’. So, we felt this release would make for an interesting episode. So sit back and listen as we talk about“Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood” (1973), “The Witch Who Came From the Sea”(1976) and “The Premonition” (1976). But wait, there’s more: back by popular demand is the ‘What Have We Watched’ segment after being out-of-action for quite some time. Strap in as Tim waxes fantastic about the sci-fi epic“Independence Day” (1996) while Chris is on the fence over “The Hateful Eight”(2015).