Recorded Tuesday July 22nd, 2016

Hey there, horror fans! That Horror Show Podcast hosts Timothy Kazda and Chris Koenig bring you a very special “bonus episode” for this month. Taking a short break from discussing horror films involving crazed killers or any form of bodily dismemberment, your hosts decided to head to their local movie theatre to check out none other than the 2016 remake (or “reboot”, depending on how you want to look at the definition) of “Ghostbusters”. That’s right: after hearing so much about the controversy and the mixed reactions over the film, your dedicated hosts decided to get in on the action and check the movie out. And what’s Tim and Chris’ reaction towards the new version? Well, silly, you have to listen to the episode in order to find out.

So sit back, relax and listen in as Tim and Chris talk a little about the original 1984 version (as well as grumble a bit about the 1989 sequel), offer their thoughts over the whole remake/reboot “controversy” stirred up by on-line fandom, and then finally delve into a review of the new version and offering their thoughts and criticism.